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         Okay. Last year, we had another supposedly required contest to enter: The Manila Archdiocese Commision on Church History (MACC) Painting Competition for 2014. theme was anything religious & our prof gave us the assignment late Nov with the last entry date being Dec. 18.
As usual, I bit off more than I could chew, opting for the Angelic Hierarchy with an Art Nouveau-inspired look (I love Alphonse Mucha so freakin much!), hoping to stand out among the Christs & saints & street children praying or whatever. (Granted though, the winners are hella talented but super realistic as mine are cartoony.) This time, I DIDN'T get my hopes up-- I just wanted to get exhibited & see the others.
          But like I said, I bit off more than I could chew. I couldn't make it in time for the submission.

         I got a 100% anyway.Blower fella (Party) :chairdance: Rockstar Fella ( Music Band ) CELEBRATE Fella BreakDance (Music Band) Celebrate 
         And that's not counting the ADDITIONAL GRADE that goes with submitting the list of approved topics & notes/concept art/sketches/studies! My prof knew how hard I worked the past months [(including the Xmas break) -- he great that way :3), all the late nights & sacrifice then gave me that. Weew!

Without further ado, my depiction of The (Christian) Angelic Hierarchy:  

just like heaven just like heaven just like heaven just like heaven just like heaven 
Angelic Hierarchy by Riazana

-Acrylic on 2' x 3' canvas

-Totally finished on: 1/13/15

-I had to use a SHIT TON OF REFERENCES!!! This was my main source… but had to look up further refs on the net, DA included. SEARCH EM! There are some pretty good ones here from your fellow DA members-- show some community love & support, y'all :) Exeptional example by Hierarchy of Angels and Demons by justdejan  Also: wings. Demon and Angel Wings Tutorial by AvrilDC

-downside: the piece has plenty of flaws, especially the last sphere. Several things from concept notes had to be omitted & work was rushed. I was going to use metallic paints on details but was strapped for time.  

-no particular angel (of the 72 or otherwise) is depicted here, just embodiments of the ranks as I imagined them 

-details for me are either super fun to do or a total pain in the arse or both! But designing the costumes, tattooes, piercings, halos, etc. especially for the 2nd sphere was fun because I haven't designed any outfit in a coon's age-- not even a Polyvore ensemble. (My account: Plus, experimenting with skin color & facial structure/ features was pretty good, too.

-SPHERES NOTES/ CONCEPT: each sphere has a look & main duty:
1st Sphere: -guardians of God's throne
                -look: Celestial beings that look creature or monster-like
2nd Sphere: -governors of heavenly bodies & the cosmos
                 -look: inspiration involved looking at games (generally RPG-esque) & anime & yes, DA. (ex. by Angelic Hierarchy by Zombiesmile)
3rd Sphere:  -most interactive with humans, guardians of earthly matters
                  -look: most human looking-- as in, human disguises

So here y'all go (I'll put the index for each individual angel here):

1st Sphere:

Seraphim:Seraph by Riazana
Cherubim:Cherub by Riazana
Ophanim:Ophan by Riazana

2nd Sphere:
Dominions:Dominion by Riazana
Strongholds:Stronghold by Riazana
Authorities:Authority by Riazana

3rd Sphere:
Principalities:Prinicipalities by Riazana
Archangels:Archangel by Riazana
Rulers:Angel by Riazana

That's it! Enjoy! cat planet cat planet 

On another note...
I HAVE SEEN THE FACE OF THE VICAR OF CHRIST AND HE LOOKS... kinda like a cute grampa with a lovely smile :3
Pope La 1 Pope La 1 Pope La 1 VIVA POPE FRANCIS <3 Pope La 1 Pope La 1 Pope La 1 
WELCOME TO MANILA!!! (gosh, it looks crowded even from the telly)
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